We’ve been providing firework displays for 20 years and in more recent times events or projects have called to discuss alternative drone swarm shows for Christmas events.

Be it a town centre Christmas lights switch on, or an advertisement / publicity stunt we are able to craft an animation to entertain or get your message across.

Here you can see an example of a christmas drone show we recently produced for a client.

To discuss a Christmas drone show for your event or project please get in touch – hello@droneswarm.co.uk or using the contact details on contact us.

Remember as well as producing drone swarm light shows we also provide world class firework displays, low noise fireworks, laser displays and light displays – all in house.

Ballball Drone Show
Grinch Drone Show
Christmas Tree Drone Show
Christmas tree
Snowman Drone Show
Stocking Drone Show
Reindeer Drone Show


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