Your message in the sky

Drones can be used to write letters in the sky through the use of our high intensity LED lights mounted on each drone.

The swarm of drones is programmed to fly in a specific pattern or trajectory, spelling out the desired letters in the air. This can be done as a a stand alone routine or as part of a bigger display. Through the use of pre-programmed flight paths we are able to combine animations, patterns, logos and words all in the same display. Your story can be told in a variety of methods but sometimes nothing says it better than words.

Drones are able to write letters in the sky with great precision and accuracy, making them a popular choice for advertising, entertainment, and other applications where large, visible displays are desired. Drones are also able to fly to high altitudes, allowing the letters they write to be visible from long distances.

Here we have the alphabet and the minimum amount of drones per letter. The more drones used the better the definition of the message.

Drone Alphabet
Drone Alphabet

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The alphabet is a set of letters that are used to represent sounds in a language. It is an essential element of written language, as it allows us to spell words and communicate through writing. The English alphabet consists of 26 letters, each representing a different sound. These letters are arranged in a specific order, with some variations depending on the language. The alphabet is a fundamental building block of language and literacy, and it is taught to children at a very early age as a way to help them learn to read and write.

A show for a client’s company milestone party
A show in 2022
Double line drone letters


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