#LightItInRed is a UK based direct action lighting protest to draw attention to the condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through to re-starting.

On Thursday 19th March DroneSwarm took part in #LightItInRed by producing a heart shape in red above the Northampton School For Boys. Working in partnership with friends Robe Lighting here are some of the images:

University of Northampton Drones
Northampton University lit up their tower with logos of those involved

The dynamic “creative sector” which includes live entertainment, music, events, theatre, performance, and the arts generates around £110 billion annually (based on DCMS figures) for the UK economy … and is known for its invention, passion, and flair.

Drones and Robe Lighting
Image by Robe Lighting showing a swarm of 38 drones in red and a Megapointe

The original series of #LightItInRed action was inspired by #NightofLight in Germany on 22nd June 2020, which saw over 7000 buildings, monuments, structures, towers, landmarks, offices, castles, houses, spaces and places illuminated in red to raise awareness and grab the attention of the public and the government.

#LightItInRed in the UK was originated by Steven Haynes from Clearsound Productions and Phillip Berryman from The Backstage Theatre Jobs Forum.

Drone light show heart shape
Drones create a red heart in the skyline of Northampton town

This is a shout out to the lighting, laser, AV, and video community – companies and individuals – who are involved in events, theatre, performance, and live production!

Check www.lightitinred.co.uk for more information.

DroneSwarm flying drone show
Drones ready to fly

If you’re interested in a drone light show please get in touch with us by clicking here


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