That’s our moto! The sky is the limit.

You can provide us with a list of ideas or some sketches on paper. We welcome you to come and see us for a design meeting with our animation team and your project manager.

We’re also used to working with polished storyboards and creatives produced by world leading marketing agencies for clients such as BMW.

It’s important to first determine the theme and purpose of the show. This could be a special event or occasion, a specific message or story to convey, or simply an artistic display. Once the theme is established, we brainstorm ideas for the choreography, music, lighting, and drone formations. We consider how the drones can move in synchrony with the music and how different colours and patterns can be used to create various effects.

Think about how the drones can be used to create specific shapes or images, and how different altitudes and speeds can be utilized to create dynamic movements. Sketch out rough designs and storyboards to help visualize the overall concept, and refine the ideas as needed based on the practical considerations such as number of drones.

If you’re having fireworks, lasers or lighting because it’s all done by the same team, company and in the same building we bring all of the expertise together needed to ensure a tight dynamic production.

Here are some examples we created recently for a client:

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