Drone light show

Drones (or the technical name – UA – Unmanned Aircraft) can be used to “paint” light in the sky. This unusual form of art (call light painting) is achieved by taking long exposure photographs capturing colours emitted during the drone light show movement.

If you have any idea, pattern, symbol or word you’d like us to write in the sky we can program our fleet of drones to do just that. It can be repeated and rehearsed as required. A drone show is usually designed to entertain in real time but this form of display is more for that perfect photograph.

Drone light painting unlocks all sorts of possibilities and we’re only too keen to get involved with even the craziest of ideas. Our team will work on the project in 3D and render out visuals for approval prior to show day.

Our swarm fleet have intense full colour LED’s which can be lit in 16 million colours – we can also incorporate fireworks which display curtains of sparks falling down to ground.

When photographing drones in this way you’ll find the sort of settings used to capture fireworks or lasers work well. Shutter speeds of several seconds with as low an ISO as possible to reduce camera noise. Here is a guide to long exposure pyrotechnic photography: https://www.diyphotography.net/long-exposure-fireworks-tutorial/

Not only can we produce the required sky display – we’re able to help with expertly capturing the images required using our flagship Sony and Canon DSLR cameras. Our team are extremely experienced in capturing light painting.

As always with drone light displays safety is key – dual geo-zoning and 3 levels of redundancy are in place for every project. We’ll also apply for a NOTAM to ensure that aircraft are aware and inform the local police (just in case anyone reports a UFO).

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