When you book a drone light show with us we offer something you’ll not find anywhere else.

We are able to provide Drone Light Shows, Fireworks, Lasers, Lighting and PA all from the same company and from under the same roof.

Drone Light Shows are possible in most UK conditions but if it’s very windy or rain is hammering down you’ll find no provider is able to fly. Whilst we design our drones to be water resistant and to give the most flexibility in the UK climate sometimes mother nature has a different agenda.

So rather than leave your event without the entertainment expected by your audience we’re able to react very quickly and step in with an alternative of fireworks, lasers, lighting or a combination of the three elements.

And the best bit – it’s included when you book DroneSwarm. We also organise large scale outdoor events so fully understand the pressures involved.

Get in touch to dicuss how we can work with you and add something very special to your event.

Contact us by email or ring our team on 01327 708 984

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